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Donald Trump is sworn in with alleged ties to Russia and a strained relationship with the press, US Intelligence and his own political party. What will American national security look like under Donald Trump and how should journalists cover it? In his first weeks in office a huge rift has emerged between the CIA and Donald Trump.



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Professional sports athletes have a long-standing history of protesting causes they believe in. With the tensions that have developed in recent months as a result of police killings, Jarrett Murphy of City Limits sits down with Rhiannon Walker, Associate Editor @ ESPN's The Undefeated, Michael Powell, Sports Columnist at the New York Times, and Sports Journalist Andrew Jerell Jones, to discuss San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick taking a knee to protest police brutality and racial inequality, and see if athletes can really make an impact.
Since the beginning of his political conquest, Donald Trump has made been very vocal about his views on the media. He's routinely stated that he despises journalists, referred to CNN as "disgusting," suggested that the The New York Times is "going to hell," and has insisted that he will dismantle the "crooked media" once he takes office.

The presidential candidates have been challenged about race out on the campaign trail but has that ignited a real conversation? At Bedford Hall, over a few drinks, Journalists Tanzina Vega of CNN, Rebecca Carroll of WNYC, Jarrett Murphy of City Limits and independent journalist Donovan X Ramsey wrestled with these questions.

It's #newsandbooze with Ali Gharib from The Nation, Murtaza Hussain from The Intercept and Jarrett Murphy from City Limits on this week's Straight Up. How is the rise of ISIS affecting us in Brooklyn? What is it like to cover terrorism and Islamophobia?