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Brooklyn, USA is a monthly audio magazine that features an eclectic mix of stories, essays, audio drama and short fiction about the past, present and future of a borough that’s always changing. Brooklyn, USA is the home for all things seen, heard, felt and experienced on Brooklyn’s streets, and in its farthest corners, that make the borough so brilliant, varied and unique.

For many, living in Brooklyn is an easy choice to make. But for those who have come to Brooklyn fleeing war and seeking asylum, the story is more complicated. On this trip through Brooklyn, USA, journalist Sriyanka Ray brings you the stories of three Brooklynites who are here not by choice, but by necessity. In the first, a 16-year-old from Yemen traverses international borders and high school girl-dom. In the second, a physician who misses his family in Libya dreams of raising his children in the United States. And in the third, a young Syrian activist living in Bushwick is caught between wanting to remember and trying to forget.

It’s hard to talk about Crown Heights without talking about how it’s changed in recent years— rising rents, shifting demographics, new businesses built on top of old wounds. But reducing a neighborhood to it's own displacement erases the people who've been there all along, who've built it up, and who often still call it home.

We celebrated the end of summer by walking around Crown Heights and talking to people. We met two female entrepreneurs, with very different business models. We followed a group of skaters around in a circle, down a ramp and into their past. And along the way we met a handful of people who were spending the final days of summer hanging out in Brower Park, Brooklyn, USA.

Four Stories of Humanity with Johnny Hincapie, Leroy Harris, Mark Denny, Carlos Sanchez who were wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. In partnership with The Innocence Project.